Spiritual Health

We must nourish our minds with spirituality everyday, just as we need food to nourish our bodies everyday. Our body is the hardware, while our mind and emotions are the software. Both need to be fed.

Physical health and mental health are often the topics of conversation in this world, but spiritual health is rarely mentioned. Physically and mentally, you may seem strong, but spiritually you could be ill. An unbalanced spiritual state can lead to difficulty in sustaining your joy and controlling your ego. Happiness and emotions are undeniably connected, yet there is also a strong link between your spiritual health and your emotions. Your spiritual health is like a wall that keeps your emotions safe. The more spiritual you are, the thicker your spiritual wall is. When this wall is missing, you can be vulnerable to many negative emotions such as anger and jealousy. It causes your ego to swell, which can be very painful to you.

If you observe the image, you will see your ego colored in red in the middle. The spiritual wall that surrounds your ego is green. Without the protection of your spiritual wall, the ego is exposed to outside influences. Yet, when the spiritual wall is present, any external influences will be blocked out and sent away. This demonstrates that people who are spiritually healthy are not overly sensitive to external negative elements due to the strength of their internal system. However, those with a spiritual weakness can be defenseless against negative outside forces.

Here are 3 tips for improving your spiritual health:

  • Creating a stronger spiritual wall through meditation.

    Sometimes, external forces can be powerful enough to break your spiritual barrier. Your pride can be quickly diminished which can cause you to do wrong. To cope with that, I suggest that you take some time for some meditation to help restore and strengthen your spiritual wall.

    • Humbly boosting your ego

    When an outside force breaks down your spiritual defenses, instead of lashing out and becoming hostile, you can protect your ego with humility and skill so the force cannot harm it. If someone puts you down, you can attempt to restore your damaged pride by giving off a subtle feeling of superiority. Use this technique with caution. If someone crosses the line by saying things they shouldn’t say about your personal life and causes you distress, you can tell him arrogantly: “why don’t you instead talk about your private life?”. This is just a reminder that they have gone beyond the line, and if they do not stop you will be furious.

    • Keep your distance from negative external influences

    Even if your spiritual wall is strong, prolonged exposure to negative influences can eventually lead to its destruction and cause spiritual sickness. So, if you don’t want that to happen, stay away from toxic people.

    Our natural tendencies often make it difficult to coexist harmoniously with other people. But, by taking small doses of spirituality daily, I think it will not only protect our own ego, but it will also teach us how to care for the egos of those around us, so that we can live in unity.


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