The Malady of Envy

From time to time, I feel envious of other’s achievements because I am not immune to this human imperfection. I admit this because we frequently accuse others of being jealous of us, yet we are ashamed to confess our own envy. We forget that everyone, regardless of their ethical standards, can feel envy, and feeling envious does not make them inherently bad. Jealousy is a sickness, and certain conditions can make you more vulnerable to it. However, what is more important is how you handle it. This succinct text will illustrate some of the undesirable effects of jealousy and then present advice to confront it.

It is generally acknowledged that envy makes people cruel. However, the cruelty which you develop is not always sufficient to ruin the individual that you envy. Typically, it causes you to act in an unfavorable manner towards another, however, if the other is of a higher standing, they can swiftly counteract and destroy you. In this situation, jealousy leads to a defeat. Not only do you consume your energy attempting to damage the person, but you also miss out on chances to make friends who could have assisted you in your daily challenges. Thus, envy causes you to act against your own best interests and renders you foolish. Envy makes man look bad and ugly too. If you are frequently driven by envy, others can detect this, and it will not earn you any respect. You may appear fragile and insignificant as those around you understand that an individual with a lower status is more likely to be envious of someone with a higher status.

Envy diminishes a person’s greatness and diminishes them. It can happen that two people have been brought up in the same place, or come from the same family, attend the same school, or have some connection, however when one of them makes a small step forward, the other is determined to ruin him. You are well aware of the hardship experienced by others, however, this does not prevent you from displaying villainous behavior to obstruct their progress. You are ready to abandon your own aspirations in order to just focus on destroying other people’s lives. These petty actions demonstrate a personality that is not grand.

To start treating jealousy, it is necessary to be aware of the situation. Do not assume that you are immune to this disease due to your moral character. Remain attentive to your feelings because not recognizing illness can make it more difficult to treat. For instance, when reflecting and forming opinion of another person, it is important to ask yourself: is your opinion impartial and balanced or is it envy that is influencing your judgement? If someone’s work is not in conflict with your values, and you find yourself unable to appreciate the good in it, it could be the result of jealousy. So, taking a step back and exhibiting appreciation for the work would be wise.

In order to appreciate the work of someone whom you are jealous of, it is essential to be cognizant of the fact that everybody has their own destiny. Everyone’s fortune does not come at the same moment. Today is the current opportunity for one person, and yours can come at a later date. You must stay focused and work hard to achieve your own success. Don’t take other people’s success for your own failure. It is feasible for us to achieve success together. Keep in mind that harming the individual will not resolve your problems. If you decide to bring down the other person, you may need to find someone else to mistreat after that because jealousy can lead to a person becoming more envious over time. Be careful. Do not forget that your parents or the individuals who raised you did not put in much effort to bring your life to this low level. They desired for you to develop yourself, not to undermine others.

We, as humans, are prone to this illness due to our flawed nature. We are continuously evaluating our own accomplishments relative to those of others; when we surpass them, it bolsters our self-esteem, but when we do not, we tend to become envious. It can be difficult to maintain an attitude of love and positivity in the face of unfavorable conditions. But we forget that positivity can be tested better when things are not good. If the circumstances are favorable, maintaining a positive outlook could merely be a diplomatic posture. But if your circumstances are not ideal, and your attitude is still positive, it could reveal that you have a beautiful soul. And when your soul is beautiful, people may like to stay around you more, and this makes your personality strong as well.


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  1. Kerline Samedy Avatar
    Kerline Samedy

    That demonstrates that we need to be constantly aware of these flaws of flesh to treat them or to search for healing whether from God if we are christians or from psychological means.

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