Happy birthday to my other half

Now it is time to speak out about you my soulmate. I have been with you for some years and you have always treated me with love, kindness, loyalty and respect. Today is your birthday, but there is nothing I can do to equate what you have done for me. Even if I give you the entire world, that will not be enough. Like Makaveli said in his song Dear Mama, “there’s no way I can pay you back, but the plan is to show you that I understand”.


I understand that your fundamental principles in life have enabled our bond to be deeper. I understand during my time with you, you have helped me to grow a lot and to learn the importance of being real. “Being real is the first step for experiencing deep love” as you used to tell me. I am thankful for those valuable lessons you have taught me, I will never lie to you again. I  understand that our love will never stop growing as long as I am following your rules full of wisdom.

By your side, my life is enlightened; you have made me the happiest man in the world. Whenever I am depressed you always say the right words to boost my mood up. Whatever the difficulty I faced, you have always given me good advice without judging me. I am thus delighted and grateful to be with an empathetic woman like you. I would never be the man that I am without you in my life.

With that said, I wish you happy birthday, success with your career and success in your life with me. I love you.

Author: marclaguerreblog

PhD Student in Civil Engineering at Rice University

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