Public Safety Tips

Safety is among the most important thing an individual need to enjoy life. While the Police should work to protect every citizen, the most efficient protection is self-protection. The Police is here just for rescuing and recovering someone from a bad thing that have already happened. This means, if you want to be free from danger and fully enjoy your life, you have to know some tips about self-protection. This is what I am going to write about in this blog.

The first tip is about hanging out at night. During the night, thieves and thugs are usually on operation. They are waiting for people coming back from clubs. For this reason, it is the time to be more careful. First, you should not drink too much. Otherwise you may lose your consciousness and then be an easy prey for the robbers. Second, you should walk in group. Because if you are alone, again you make it easy for the thieves to jack you. If your only choice is to walk home alone, nevertheless, I still have some tips for you. In this case, you should walk with confidence. Every stranger you see, you should have eye contact with them. Walk like you are not scared. Make sure you look strong enough like it is not your first time walking alone at night. Don’t to put your headphone on. Because like that, you won’t have any control on what is going on in the street and anyone would easily jack you.

Another useful tip is to not trust any stranger. Strangers can be good or bad. But don’t assume they are good people unless you know them. You should have a “don’t trust no stranger” mentality. Like that you are protecting yourself from many potential harm strangers could cause you. For example, if a stranger offers you ride on the street, say to yourself “that’s a predator looking for his prey” and then refuse kindly. If a stranger asks you to make a phone call from your cell phone, say you don’t have phone, unless it is an emergency.  Like that you are ensuring your safety.

The last thing I want to tell you is to call emergency in case you are in danger or feel you might be endangered. If you have an accident, call 911. If there is a case of fire, you should call the firefighter department. They will be able to help you. I had a tour in the fire fighter depart and I met the team there. They are very efficient and take less than 5 minutes to arrive when they them for emergency. Below is throwback of my visit in the fire department.

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  1. I grew up with the idea of “stranger danger!” meaning that we should not trust any stranger. They teach this to children in school. I agree that this is an important mindset to continue into adulthood to protect ourselves. Thanks for sharing your tips!


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