The first week of my summer semester

So far, I am having a very nice experience at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. On Monday June 12th 2017, the summer session has started. I have 4 interesting courses and 4 amazing teachers. During the first week, there were a lot of activities including a visit at the University Library. Dear readers I want to share with you how I was so overwhelmed during this first week.

On Tuesday 13th, my fiancée from Haiti came to Champaign to spend 1 week with me after 6 months without seeing each other. I was excited to see her but the moment was not the perfect one because the summer session had just started. But anyway, I sat a plan not only to please her during this week but also to turn in on time my homework.

On Wednesday afternoon, I went to see some friends with her, and visit some places in the campus. I did all my homework at the end of the day.

On Thursday, I was at University Library tour with her. During this tour I have learned a lot of things. The lecturer told us how to use online the library and look for books availability online. This day was an overwhelming day because I went back home very late, and still I had to do my homework for the next day.

I also took the opportunity to go to the theater (AMC Champaign) to watch “All Eyez on me”, the biopic movie for the rapper Tupac Shakur. Since my childhood, I have been a fan of this artist and I could not miss this event. However, I was disappointed. The movie does not fairly depict Tupac. This is not only my opinion. When I look at some reviews online, the fans are very angry about this piece of art.

On Saturday, I went to Chicago with my fiancée and my Convo Partner. We went to an Haitian neighborhood and eat some Haitian food. I was happy because I missed those delicious cooking so much. Afterwards, we went to the zoo. This was my first time to see lion, leopard and other ferocious animals. I was a little bit scared but my excitation outstripped my fears. Finally, we went to the Willis Tower and took some beautiful pictures.


On Sunday, we went to an excursion to the Lake of the Wood. I spent all the day there with some lovely friends. We had fun and  ate lunch together. I made a lot of new friends there.

This first week of class was very overwhelming, but it was exciting also, I will never forget it.


One response to “The first week of my summer semester”

  1. What a great surprise! I didn’t know you were keeping a blog! An article about my visit! I enjoyed my time there so much. Congratulations mon chéri. Your texts are well written and shown your true self. Success with your blog!


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