Stop procrastinating and be successful

One of the biggest problem mankind is facing on earth is procrastination–when they keep postponing what they should do to a later time. According to Joel Osteen: “Time is the most valuable commodity that we have. It’s more valuable than money. We can make more money but we can’t make more time”. The best investment we can make in life is with our time. Like we should spend wisely our money is the same way we should spend our time. Procrastination is one of the worse way to use it. If we don’t get rid of this bad habit, it can ruin our life. Realizing that time is limited, we should stop procrastinating. This will lead to self-worth, enthusiasm, and breakthroughs into your life.  To sum up, it will lead to success.

Self-worth and enthusiasm are important factors leading to success. We can’t succeed without motivation. Like fuel is important for car to circulate on roads is the same way self-worth and enthusiasm are important on the success path. Procrastinators usually end the day by being frustrated, because there is always something that they postpone which keeps haunting their spirit. In other words, those faint of heart are suffering endlessly because they are unsatisfied about their behavior. Consequently, they will start questioning their capacity. They will doubt on their intelligence and skills. For example they will say: “I am not talented enough, my brother is better than me, my ideas are always awkward”.  To avoid this, we should stop procrastinating.

Procrastination is also a way to block our success. Once we deal with it, the success journey is a “piece of cake”. Many times, the crucial accomplishment that our success depend on require a step by step approach. By procrastinating, we can miss the first step,  and gradually we can miss the whole process. For instance, in universities, students usually failed their exam by falling in the trap of procrastination. If after class, they start to postpone their homework for after 9PM, and watch TV from 5PM to 9PM, they have a good chance to mess the homework up, because they will maybe feel tired and sleepy at around 11PM. As a result, they will likely get a D. Bottom line-Success is not for procrastinators but for people that focus on present time and make good use of it.

Everyone should remember that bad management of time will jeopardize their success. We should stop procrastinating. This lead to self-world. enthusiasm, breakthroughs and a successful life. If success is your goal, make your choice!


My 24 hours during the Hurricane Matthew

Haiti is located in the Caribbean, an area which is always threatened by hurricane. On October 4th in 2016, my home country has been severely struck by the Hurricane Matthew. The consequences were not very bad in terms of human loss, but it was very dramatic in our harvest loss. It was a bad moment for everyone. I want share with you how I lived it.

I had left Haiti exactly a couple days before the event. I was in Dominican Republic to take the GRE exam because there were no more seats available in Haiti. I took my GRE test in October 4th and I booked my ticket to return the following day. The Hurricane occurred in the night from October 4th to October 5th. Before I slept, I talked to my family and everything was OK.

In October 5th I woke up at 6 AM and I took the Bus to go back without expecting any surprise. The trip was longer than usual because trees had fallen on the street. When I finally arrived in Port-au-Prince (at 7:00 PM) I could not reach anyone of my family. All I could see was the Facebook posts of some friends abroad telling that the South Department is devastated. I was in a situation of panic because my family lives there. I passed the whole night trying to reach them, but it was with no success; I could not sleep then.

In the next morning, I received a gracious call from a friend of my father telling me that everything is OK. I was finally free from the anxiety. He told me that: “Yesterday the phone network company was out of service for everyone in the city”. Thus, I understood it was more fear than harm. Everything was OK.

Now I realize that sometimes we have to stop worrying about the uncertainty. I will try to not loose my composure and my calm to deal better with rumors.